Experience the Cultural Tradition of Making Mongolian Gurt with Nomadic Families

By ashihai
February 25, 2024

When visiting Mongolia, one of the most exciting aspects is the chance to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the nomadic way of life. One particular experience that stands out is making Mongolian gurt, also known as aaruul. This traditional process has been passed down for generations and offers a unique glimpse into the daily lives and food traditions of the nomadic families that call Mongolia home.

What is Mongolian Gurt?

Mongolian gurt, or aaruul, is a nutritious snack that serves as a staple food for Mongolian nomads. It is made by fermenting and drying dairy products such as curds or yogurt, resulting in a concentrated and flavorsome treat. While it is widely enjoyed by locals as a snack, aaruul also holds cultural significance and has been a key component of the Mongolian diet for centuries.

The Nomadic Family Experience:

When you visit a nomadic family in Mongolia, you may have the chance to witness the fascinating process of making gurt firsthand. Nomadic families warmly welcome visitors into their traditional dwellings, known as gers or yurts, and generously share their way of life. As part of this cultural exchange, you can join them in their daily activities, including tasks such as milking the animals, churning dairy products, and ultimately making gurt.

The Traditional Process:

The process of making Mongolian gurt involves a series of steps. First, the milk is heated over an open fire, allowing the cream to rise to the surface. This cream is then carefully skimmed off and set aside to be used in other traditional Mongolian dairy products, such as butter or cheese. The remaining milk is left to ferment naturally, which gives gurt its distinct tangy flavor. Once the fermentation process is complete, the milk is strained, and the curds are formed. These curds are then pressed and shaped into various sizes and shapes before being dried naturally in the sun or air, resulting in the final aaruul product.

Tasting the Fruits of Your Labor:

After participating in the magical process of making gurt, the most rewarding part awaits: sampling this unique Mongolian delicacy. Gurt is known for its chewy texture and tangy taste, providing a refreshing contrast to the vast landscapes and nomadic lifestyle. The nomadic families take immense pride in sharing this traditional snack with their guests, offering a true taste of Mongolian culture.

If you’re searching for an authentic cultural experience during your trip to Mongolia, don’t miss the opportunity to make Mongolian gurt with nomadic families. Not only will you gain valuable insight into their traditional way of life, but you’ll also create lasting memories and forge connections with the hospitable people of Mongolia. This ancient process of making gurt brings you closer to the heart of Mongolian culture, and the taste of this protein-rich snack will linger as a reminder of a truly unique adventure.

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