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Ashihai Resort

Ashihai is located in western shore of Khovsgol Lake, which is known as “The Dark Blue Pearl” Lake Khuvsgul is the Mongolia’s largest and second-most voluminous freshwater lake in Asia.The camp includes Mongolian Ger and Teepees.


Blue Pearl of Mongolia

Known as the “Blue Pearl” of the Mongolia, Lake Khövsgöl and mountains that surround it form the basis for this popular national park, a major destination for both Mongolian and international tourists. This lake is sacred to all Mongols and water is incredibly crystal clean.

  • Reindeer Riding with Tsaatan Herders
  • Discover World of Shamanism
The Most Authentic
Activities & Great
  • Mongolian Yak Rising
  • Visit Nomadic Family
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Experience reliable Ulaanbaatar airport pick-ups and drop-offs with our seasoned team.

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Welcome To Ashihai Resort

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Ashihai Resort is welcoming you to stay in gers, where you can experience authentic nomads setting and a balance of comfortable living. Our resort is located in Khuvsgul province, known as Mongolian Switzerland. It is built on the beautiful cape of the western shore of Lake Khuvsgul, surrounded by majestic Khangai Mountains.
Things to do in Khuvsgul

Feel Like a Nomad

Staying in a traditional ger, also known as a yurt, is an unforgettable way to experience the nomadic culture of Mongolia. Gers are portable, round tents made of felt and canvas, and have been used by Mongolian nomads for thousands of years as their primary form of shelter.
Must to See
Ancient Deer Stones

Especially, statues with images of human face draw attention of many scientists and considered one of the rarest statues

Get Inspired
Meet Tsaatan People

Visiting the Tsaatan people, a small tribe of reindeer herders, is a unique and unforgettable experience

Must to Do
Taking a boat ride

Taking a boat ride on Khuvsgul Lake is a popular activity for visitors to the area. Khuvsgul Lake is one of the largest and deepest freshwater lake

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What They Say About Us

We spent three nights here. This is a lovely and comfortable camp. We loved our stay near Lake Khuvsgul.
Beautiful views of the lake Huvsgul Chef cooks great food too! Offers beautiful views of the lake.
A stunning lake, gers looking out onto the lake, abundant hiking opportunities.